The Goal - Two Solid Lines(UPDATED 12.04.13)

When I first started this blog, it was on the urging of a friend of mine who had started her own blog when she was trying-to-conceive (TTC). Since I am currently a stay-at-home wife, I thought it would be a great idea to keep me somewhat busy, keep me “creative” and also as an outlet for some of the lonelier parts of my day (my husband and I recently moved out of state into a “big” city about six months ago).

We got lucky, so to speak, on our second month of TTC. We (more like I) wasn’t even tracking my ovulation or paying attention to anything TTC related. And what happened – we got our first BIG FAT POSITIVE (BFP). We were so excited. During week eight, I had my first prenatal appointment and had my first ultrasound. I got to see my precious little one (PLO) and saw his/her little heart beating. I had all the normal signs of first-trimester “bliss”… Morning sickness that lasted all day, breasts swelling, sensitivity to smell, food aversions… And we were so happy. Then at 10.5 weeks, something didn’t feel right. We miscarried and I was scheduled the very next day for a D&C. SHATTERED. Both of us.

Little did I know where this journey to two solid lines would take us. Never had I imagined that miscarriage (MC) would be part of our journey. For anyone who has ever been there (man or woman, husband or wife), the pain, grief and anxiety is unmistakable. We’re part of a club that is bound by the intangible loss of a child we never held. Its a club that we wish we never knew about. Its a card we never imagined we’d hold. For those who have never suffered through MC or the aftermath that ensues, I’m envious. We’re envious. And we pray that you will never know our road.

So we continue. We take one day at a time…for me sometimes one hour at a time. We allow the sadness to enter when it must or can’t be hushed. And most importantly, we’re learning to love through this… We will continue on.



For everyone out there that is thinking about or in the process of trying to get pregnant, the goal of two solid lines is universal.

My husband and I are newly married and in our early thirties. He is 34. I am 31. We want a big family so we’ve armed ourselves with ovulation tests, thermometers, prenatal vitamins, multi-vitamins for him, dietary journals, “trying-to-conceive” (TTC) books, and almost anything else you can think of… Let the fun begin!

OUR journey begins…

Feelings of excitement, optimism, fascination, and arousal are mixed with apprehension, pessimism, detachment and longing. Staying the course will undoubtedly lead us through the ups and downs, the highs and lows and hopefully (eventually) to two little hands, two little feet, two hopeful eyes and the beginning of the our new little family… Good luck to everyone out there trying to conceive or are already on their way to becoming parents!

Thank you for visiting our site, share with us your experiences and of course please come back often!


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